Sector Service

Harrison Gibson Building

AWW together with Lumina Real Estate Capital are enthusiastically working towards re-invigorating a significant section of North East London as part of the Ilford Town Centre Action Plan. Through the design of a mixed use development the old Harrison Gibson building will be resurrected in the form of residential accommodation, high street retail space and landscaped leisure space.

Public Realm

Additionally accessible via a basement parking, the high street building will comprise of public leisure space and various retail, food and beverage outlets. The residents will enjoy the use of a mini gym, a resident lounge and an IT suite as well as landscaped courtyards, terraces and Gardens.

“The historic Harrison Gibson building has been a feature of High Street since John Harrison Gibson opened the retail space in 1902. The current building was constructed in 1960 following a fire. AWW has taken a sensitive approach to the design, taking the long-standing history into consideration to create a gratifying and enjoyable experience for both the residents and visitors of Ilford.”

Nicholas Mulholland

Project Specification

£110 million
Nicholas Mulholland