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Frenchay Hospital Masterplan

Project Breakdown

Working with a team led by GVA, AWW is developing a masterplan to assist North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to generate maximum value out of their disposal of the Frenchay Hospital site. The development, which includes plans for a primary school proposes three different character areas. There will be one residential area of formal, Georgian-style houses, another village section with medium density and a third suburban area with fewer homes and plenty of green open spaces.

Part of the site falls within the Frenchay Conservation Area and the masterplan proposals maximise opportunities to enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

Project Development

Allotments have been added to the revised plans and the Trust’s headquarters, located in a listed building, will remain on site along with the current Burden centre.

Director’s Quote

“We faced the challenge of an initial negative response to the closure of the existing hospital in the community. We underwent a number of public consultation events aimed at a wide range of organisations and public groups. Legible plans, associated graphics, along with a clear methodology enabled us to demonstrate the benefits of the new development and amend aspects based on the views of those living in the community, allowing our team to confidently proceed in the submission of the Outline Planning Application, within Programme, in December 2012.”

David Perkin 

A lasting legacy for Frenchay Village bringing together the existing and new through high quality integrated redevelopment and community infrastructure, for the long term sustainable future of the village. Frenchay Hospital Masterplan Vision Statement

Project Specification

£70 million
2011 - ongoing
David Perkin
Frenchay Hospital Masterplan