Sector Service

GazAsia Waste Energy Plant

AWW was appointed to assist concept design and subsequently the masterplanning and architecture for the development of liquid Biomethane plant projects in The Philippines. Utilising waste biomass release of methane, cleaned and liquefied, GazAsia and Aseagas are leading producers of biomethane fuel in the Far East.

The decomposition of biomass from landfill sites, from the food process and retail industry takes place in controlled production waste digesters, and is processed to release a gas that is cooled and cleaned to form a liquid fuel. The energy generation process produces free heat and a growing medium as bi-products; we are researching the possibility of high value food production in hydroponic glass houses adjoining the energy plant.

“AWW was approached to work on this project following our previous work on the GasRec BioMass Fuel Plant designs in Berkshire. This appointment has prompted our interest in the provision of international architectural services and we now looking at projects in India, Mauritius and Nigeria as well as the Philippines.”

Richard Francis

Project Specification

£26 million
Richard Francis