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South Bristol Community Hospital

South Bristol Community Hospital

Emerging design proposals were rigorously tested by the project team and a wide range of other stakeholder bodies. The scheme was presented to the CABE South West Design Review Panel who commended AWW’s clarity of design. The Client adopted a progressive approach to issues of ‘ownership’, the atrium design provides a strong identity and encourages in all stakeholders a sense of communal responsibility and civic pride.

The choice, application and life cycle aspects of materials specification were carefully considered throughout the Hospital, to deliver the requirements of robustness in use, appropriate character to the building form, and address the wider considerations of sustainability. The building adopts a range of environmental design features enabling 30% less energy consumption than the NHS best practice benchmark (only 27.6 GJ/100m3/annum). Photovoltaic cells supply energy to power the feature lighting around the main entrance and a mini CHP Plan minimises energy wattage.

The subject of a campaign for over 60 years, this long-awaited scheme will transform the way health care is provided in the city. The building will consume 30% less energy than the NHS best practice benchmark, saving £89,000 on heating costs a year alone.

“It never fails to take my breath away. It is a substantial piece of infrastructure… I think if South Bristol was a movie there would be a cast of thousands, so many people have been involved to make it happen and it is about what local people have done to campaign for it.” Ben Bennett, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Programme Director

“A real jewel in the crown.” – Chris Hughes, Head of Estates and Facilities at NHS Bristol

We have striven to provide a clearly legible and accessible, well lit and naturally ventilated, patient friendly environment. The main entrance to the building is clearly signposted on approach by the large canopy, creating a focal point and providing a clear message for first time users of the building. On entering the building, patients (and visitors and staff) experience a full height, top lit atrium, providing a clear view to the main reception desk and beyond to the stairs and lifts. This visual connectivity, and the simple plan form of the building, enables patients to immediately understand where they need to go, avoiding the unnecessary additional stress often caused by way-finding strategies in healthcare buildings.

David Perkin 

AWW is a great company to work with and all their team show real professionalism and enthusiasm. Their skill, experience and knowledge have made it possible for us to develop and deliver some really important and exciting new primary healthcare facilities. South Bristol Community Hospital is fantastic and has been a really exciting project. Mark Nebel - Client

Project Specification

£35 million
2004 - 2012
David Perkin
Mark Nebel, Chief Executive, Bristol Infracare LIFT