Sector Service

Gordano School

Gordano is a thriving 11-18 comprehensive school serving the growing town of Portishead, North Somerset. Over the past 10 years, the population of the town has grown steadily. Gordano is now the second largest town in North Somerset, with Gordano School catering for all of the secondary and post 16 provision for both the town itself and villages in the surrounding Gordano Valley.

Accordingly, the school capacity will be increased from 1,919 to 2,222 pupils. This demographic expansion requires an increase in classrooms, the re-provision of the main school library and the addition of a new dining Gordano School facility and kitchen to address the poor condition of – and the overcrowding within – the existing facility.

This scheme will transform the dining facilities at Gordano and will address both the severe problems with the condition of the building and the need for additional space due to the increase in pupil numbers.

Project Specification

£4.5 million
Portishead, North Somerset
Chris Mitchell