Dedicated to our clients and design excellence

Our reputation, built over more than 40 years, is founded on our design ambition to create inspirational environments of exceptional quality. With expertise in architecture, interior design and masterplanning, we offer clients an integrated, cross-discipline design solution.

Brilliant design springs from collaboration.

Directors with sector expertise are selected to lead each project we work on. Assembling the best project team based on experience specific to that project, we work with our client and other members of the project team to define the brief.

Function is a key generator of great design.

Architecture is not just art; buildings are meant to be used and there are tangible ways that building design can improve wellbeing. We approach our designs with the occupants in mind, our goal to create harmony between the end user and the space. Health, wellbeing, a comfortable environment and the end user experience are all important considerations of our designs.

Positive end user experience is closely related to building performance.

BIM-integrated performance analysis throughout the design process to guide the team towards tangible, project-specific sustainability benefits, offering our clients elegant design solutions that are underpinned by an identified cost-effective sustainable strategy. Through the robustness of this holistic design approach, we deliver both technical excellence and also contribute to inspiring design throughout the industry. By designing buildings that stand the test of time, AWW is creating an architectural legacy for future generations.