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People + Culture

Our practice is built on the talent, determination and creativity of our people.

We respect and value our staff, and their contribution to our 45-year history. It’s their diverse cultural perspectives that differentiate us from our peers.

We’re more than a safe pair of hands, we’re innovative thinkers, strategic problem solvers and creative designers – we believe in a holistic approach where the sum of our whole is greater than its parts.

We’re led by 12 directors across three offices, and supported our highly qualified team including Architects, Technologists, Interior Designers and Planners, supported by Finance, Marketing, IT and Business Support staff.

We've created an environment where each of us feels supported to explore, learn and grow.
  • Dan Basey

  • Nick Bastow

  • Darrel Bennett

  • Andrew Boardman

  • Natashia Boreham

  • alex-carron-brown

    Alex Carron Brown

  • phil-burford

    Philip Burford

  • jamie-butt

    Jamie Butt

  • gregoire-capron

    Gregoire Capron

  • james-chard

    James Chard

  • greg-chatfield

    Greg Chatfield

  • Tom Chesson

  • martin-clark

    Martin Clark

  • john-clemmet

    John Clemmet

  • Nigel Coates

  • nick-culley

    Nick Culley

  • beatrice-ducloud

    Beatrice Ducloud

  • adam-duffill

    Adam Duffill

  • rachel-dyer

    Rachel Dyer

  • Tamas Feher

  • tim-forster

    Tim Forster

  • jason-gaylard

    Jason Gaylard

  • alex-gillett

    Alex Gillett

  • robert-griffiths

    Robert Griffiths

  • Daniel Haaga

  • deb-harris

    Deborah Harris

  • Jake Humphrey

  • lindsay-illes

    Lindsay Iles

  • Annie Jarman

  • David Jarrard

  • Chris Jones

  • adrian-jones

    Adrian Jones

  • Farran Keenan

  • peter-kirk

    Peter Kirk

  • Joe Knowles

  • wolfgang-kucher

    Wolfgang Küchler

  • Cleo Kyriacou

  • kate-marrinan

    Kate Marrinan

  • Cordelia Matthews

  • paul-matthews

    Paul Matthews

  • Anita McBride

  • Jill Murray

  • Maddie Negus

  • joe-oksien

    Joe Oksien

  • Tim Oswald

  • Matt Parkes

  • Sarah Pasquall

  • jeremy-paull

    Jeremy Paull

  • juan-portela

    Juan Portela

  • Heather Rees

  • Kara de los Reyes

  • hasan-sahin

    Hasan Sahin

  • katie-sapseed

    Katie Sapsed

  • Alicia Scott

  • Ian Sherlock

  • rosa-simpson

    Rosa Simpson

  • peter-smithen

    Peter Smithen

  • Andrew Spiller

  • Duncan Taylor

  • Roberta Vasnic

  • tom-wall

    Tom Wall

  • emma-wan

    Emma Wan

  • naomi-cooper

    Naomi Waterman

  • ezra-watts

    Ezra Watts

  • Stefan Wilson

  • phillip-wing

    Phillip Wing

  • Shijia Xue

Continuous improvement is practice-wide passion

Our collaborative approach is aided through continual peer assessment. Our formal in-house design review programme ensures emerging solutions that respond to our clients’ requirements.

Professional Development

Our in-house seminars and design reviews form part of our continual professional development, enabling our team to share their specialist knowledge and expertise.

Our CPD programme includes team building foreign city trips where we assess contemporary European architecture.

We support, encourage, and challenge one another, this enables us to produce our best work.