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Millbay Plot C1 Submitted for Planning

The proposed scheme will provide a vibrant, mixed use scheme, that has inclusive access throughout.  Plot C1 is a key site in the regeneration of Millbay. 

The introduction of retail and leisure uses on this prominent site will provide animation and activity creating a destination within Millbay and an appropriate terminus to the Boulevard linking Millbay to the city centre.

The design has been developed to incorporate elements found in the historical and current character of the area, with use of materials and scale as appropriate to the site and translating these into a contemporary design as appropriate to the emerging character of Millbay.

The Podium creates a legibility to the site: the development is perceived as a whole, while still allowing different functions to exist. Distinctive pitched roofs and angled façades for the retail / leisure units create spaces for external dining and shelter from weather.

The double height pitch enables flexible use of spaces with tenants able to add additional space via mezzanine. The pitched roof form creates a visual reference to the historic boat yards and enhances local identity.

The design also incorporates a continuous band that follows the line of the roof pitches and wraps around the building, dividing the podium from the upper levels, but also acting as a unifying element.