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AWW Submits Plans for Art Box Addition at Bristol Grammar School

AWW is working with Bristol Grammar School to expand their campus by re-developing land at the rear of the school’s Elton Road properties.

Bristol Grammar School has a long history of providing outstanding educational resources for children and the wider community in the Clifton area.

Our proposal aims to replace the temporary teaching facilities with new permanent classrooms and support space. The buildings will comprise inspirational and flexible teaching spaces—allowing the educators to teach in line with contemporary pedagogies whilst delivering the highest quality in terms of pupil welfare.

The initial concept for this project was “how do we create an ‘art box’ or a box to create art in?” Our proposal had to be simple, yet inspiring and sustainable. The original brief envisaged utilising low energy design standards. This led us to adopt an eco-minimalist design approach.

The intentionally simplistic plan form promotes energy efficiency and aims to be carbon neutral through sourcing natural and renewable materials. The eco-minimalist approach also extends to the appearance of the scheme, the buildings sit together as a series of unassuming boxes around a central landscaped courtyard oriented to allow optimum daylight into the classrooms.