The nearly complete Highbury City of Portsmouth Centre on Winston Churchill Avenue is the first phase of an estate rationalisation programme for Highbury College.

Occupation of the HCoPC will enable the demolition of one of the existing buildings at the main site in Cosham, clearing the site for the New Campus development.  The building will accommodate the catering courses as well as general teaching, learning and recreation facilities. The Campus project includes a theatre for performing arts, motor vehicle workshops, science labs, media suite and a stand alone sports hall. The building will be occupied in September 2009.

The form of the building wraps around the approach to the main entrance, embracing the user and providing an opportunity to clearly ‘signpost’ the location of the main entrance by modelling the height of the building and through considered landscape design. The high point of the new building is adjacent to the main entrance, set within the site away from the plot boundaries and adjoining owners. The central wing steps up from west to east to reinforce this hierarchy and, although close to the northern boundary, is effectively screened from view from the north by the existing line of mature evergreen trees. The west wing steps up in scale to provide a ‘stop end’ to the building while the east wing steps down from the north in response to the proposed four storey residential block in the south west corner. The lecture theatre has been expressed as a sculptural element to terminate this wing and provide an identity and point of interest adjacent to the new public highway.

4th Oct 2007