Empty soup pots = pots of cash at fundraiser for the Philippines hosted by AWW inspired environments.

Rivergate House in Bristol hosted a ‘Soup for the Soul’ Charity fundraiser on Monday 18th November. Soup was donated by staff at AWW inspired environments with bread donations from Mark’s Bread, Philpotts and cakes from Source with AWW Plymouth also holding a soup fundraiser in their office. A grand total of £385 was raised by staff at AWW, DTZ and Workman which is being matched by AWW. AWW is currently working for Gazasia in the Philippines who have offered to match the total raised by AWW bringing the grand total raised to a fantastic £1540 which is being donated directly in Coron to those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.

AWW will be accepting further donations to send to Coron until Friday 22nd November or you can help by donating to The Disasters Emergency Committee which is made up of 14 aid charities. The joint emergency appeal is to get food, water and shelter to victims of the typhoon.