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Project Breakdown

The Azure development along headland road in Newquay housed 14 apartments in a five storey building above a half sunken basement level used for parking and servicing. AWW was employed following a granted planning approval to deliver the project through its construction phase, however the project was subjected to a further planning submission due to scheme alterations and adding value for the client with beneficially redesigning the height and mass of the building, altering the number of apartments housed within, and suggesting external alterations.

The buildings form which sees the south facing facade step in and out from a constant plane whilst wrapping around and housing external balconies, and also sees the external walls pull away as you ascend up the building required careful and considerate detail design working with the mix of stone cladding, through coloured and insulated render, glass and metal panels.


This building harnesses energy from ground source heat pumps captured in a central water heating system.

Director’s Quote

“Contextually the scheme had to respond to the site which sloped significantly from north to south of over a storey in height, whilst being inhibited on each of the east and western boundaries by built forms of townhouses and a three to four storey hotel. This caused concerns and prompted considerate and innovative designs to present an overall height of the building whilst locating balconies and living accommodation that would not cause concern for its neighbours.”

Philip Bevan

Project Specification

£2.5 million
2008 - 2010
Philip Bevan
Acorn Blue