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Project Breakdown

AWW Interiors oversaw the scheme from concept design through to completion; an exciting ‘forward-thinking’, ‘no holes barred’ approach to the brief set by the client. The scheme required extremely tight integration between IT, M&E and the interior design.

As you walk through the door, the core values of Macquarie greet you on a wall display, creating a discrete but compelling impact. The bright coloured upholstery of the waiting area furniture helps create an energy and buzz. You can see through to the main office space where the grass like carpet leads to the office interior.

AWW created an open-plan office with floor to window ceilings on two sides, ultilising an existing central atrium core to flood the interior of the office with natural light. Where partitions were used, these tended to be glass to maximise natural light throughout the space. The manifestation of tree outlines created a sense of walking through a forest. Grass carpet, prints, colour and contrasting fabrics were used to reinforce this sense of the outdoors, indoors.

Existing materials were recycled and reused as much as possible, for example the reuse of ceiling tiles, glass partitions, doors, blinds, ceiling, lights etc. all contributed to a successful sustainable refit of the space.

The main essence of the design was based on Macquarie’s Activity Based working principles which meant not one employee had their own specific desk. The office space is differentiated according to the specific work settings required for each ‘activity’ identified; working through from the open kitchen (noisiest) through to the library (quietest). Client space is differentiated from main office space by a corridor off reception but with visibility still at a point where neither area feels completely separate from the other.

Each area has its own identity which allows a large open-plan space to feel at times both intimate and stimulating.

All of the lighting in the design is eco-friendly. Motion sensing lights which switch off automatically save electricity when a room or area of the floor isn’t being used.

Director’s Quote

“We adapted principles implemented in Macquarie’s Sydney headquarters over a much smaller floor space in the UK to great effect, while at the same time giving the British business it’s own identity within the boundaries of the company’s corporate brand image.”

Mark Alker Stone

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and due to their creativity and vision believe we have been able to create the unique environment we were looking for. Jeremy Gibson, Macquarie

Project Specification

2009 - 2010
Mark Alker Stone