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Project Breakdown

AWW was asked to design a flexible workspace for a new innovation centre at Weston-super-Mare. Our approach was to deliver a rational floorplate and associated structural grid, which promotes maximum flexibility, allowing for large and small individual tenant suites. The structural grid allows for a 25sqm subdivision, with a total of 3,000sqm of net office space achieving a net/ gross ratio of 80%.

The office space is split into three distinct areas (two main office spaces per floor, over three floors). A central hub joins the two office wings together on each floor acting as a shared resource zone for formal and informal meeting / networking spaces and legible entrances with lobby and reception desk.

Acting as a central area of activity where companies can network and promote innovation, Locking Parklands is an exciting new premises for small business in the South West.


Passive design principles for thermal comfort guided conceptual development.  Strategies included orientation along the east/west axis for better passive solar control, and fabric energy efficiency to control unwanted heat gains and loses.

Director’s Quote

“The new innovation centre will provide flexible work space for small companies and AWW is proud to be part of this  significant project for Weston super-Mare which will offer new business opportunities in Weston and the surrounding areas.”

Mark Alker Stone

Locking Parklands will evolve as a genuine community, and its design and layout will contribute to this too. Rupert Joseland - Client

Project Specification

Mark Alker Stone
Rupert Joseland, South West regional director - St Modwen

Sustainability Features

  • Passive Solar Control