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Melksham Oak Schools

The new £20m building complex has replaced an existing school in the town and was delivered under the Government’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme. The design of the school has been based around the concept of ‘village’ zones, each of which relates to a school department.

Set amongst beautifully landscaped grounds, which incorporate the ancient oak tree from which the school derives its name, the school is structured around clearly identifiable, colour-coded areas curriculum and social areas.

The school is of low profile construction and, whilst being fresh and modern, is designed not to overwhelm the area in which it now ‘lives’ or conflict with either historic or modern buildings nearby.


Passive design principles are successfully adopted to help create a healthy learning environment that also provides high levels of building energy efficiency. Rainwater recycling forms part of the surface water management system, enabling filtered rainwater to be used throughout the school for non-drinking water.

Director’s Quote

“The interiors were designed by AWW Interior Design in collaboration with the school management and students and they reflect the individual character or discipline of each ‘village’. Colour was used to highlight particular activities whilst a neutral background to circulation spaces was used, against which students’ work can be displayed.”

Ian Jenkins

We are very proud of our wonderful school, it combines stunning and innovative facilities with our strong school ethos. Stephen Clark - Client

Project Specification

£20 million
2007 - 2010
Ian Jenkins
Stephen Clark, Head Teacher, Melksham Oak Community School