Sector Service

Highbury College, Masterplan

AWW was commissioned in 2004 to work with Highbury College and their advisors to develop an Estate Rationalisation Masterplan. The first stage in the redevelopment programme will provide a new City Learning Centre in central Portsmouth, enabling the College to forge links with the City, the University and raise its profile generally while improving accessibilty to FE provision across the whole region.

The subsequent redevelopment of the existing main campus replaced the existing obsolete accommodation with 15,000sqm of new build teaching and learning space and facilitated the release of eight acres of land for residential redevelopment.

Project Result

“I enjoyed working with you and your team who were extremely professional and efficient throughout the time I worked on the project.”

Lewis Toman, Project Manager, Keystone Project Management

Director’s Quote

“Our design responds to a very challenging site, with poor accessibility and high ambient noise levels from the adjacent A27. Following the completion of the estates rationalisation masterplan, we were commissioned to develop a scheme to house a wide variety of vocational functions from the existing site.”

David Perkin

In this building we have not just got bricks and mortar, we have got the feel of Highbury. Stella Mbubaegbu

Project Specification

£20 million
2005 - 2009
David Perkin
Stella Mbubaegbu, Principal and Chief Executive, Highbury College