Sector Service

Project Breakdown

AWW was appointed under a Design and Build contract by Pearce Construction to design this 13,000sqm high-tech manufacturing facility incorporating heavily serviced clean room, production space, office space and warehouse.

The facility, used for the manufacturer of high-tech medical materials such as plastic laminate film used for blood plasma was designed to munition factory standards due to the Client’s use of explosive solvents. AWW designed the building to incorporate automatic guided vehicles within the production area.

Project Result 

Winner of North Avon Green Award. When it opened the facility was described as the finest medical packaging facility in the world. The client was very happy with the end result and used the design to create a second facility in the US.

Director’s Quote

“The project posted a number of technical challenges including designing a massive clean room to munition factory standards.”

Ian Hunt

Project Specification

£12.5 million
1991 - 1993