Our reputation is the result of the creativity, expertise and commitment of our team, working collaboratively in our inspired working environment.

Meet the Directors

The Team

At AWW, we make full use of the talents, skills and experience of our people. Our highly qualified team includes Project Architects, Architectural Technologists, Interior Designers, Space Planners and Architectural Assistants, supported by Finance, Marketing, IT and Admin staff.

  • james-angus

    James Angus

  • samina-aslam

    Samina Aslam

  • dan-basey

    Dan Basey

  • nick-bastow

    Nick Bastow

  • andrew-bishop

    Andrew Bishop

  • andrew-boardman

    Andrew Boardman

  • alex-carron-brown

    Alex Carron Brown

  • phil-burford

    Philip Burford

  • jamie-butt

    Jamie Butt

  • gregoire-capron

    Gregoire Capron

  • christina-channing

    Christina Channing

  • james-chard

    James Chard

  • greg-chatfield

    Greg Chatfield

  • martin-clark

    Martin Clark

  • john-clemmet

    John Clemmet

  • michael-clinton

    Michael Clinton

  • nigel-coates

    Nigel Coates

  • gemma-coe

    Gemma Coe

  • gary-cullen

    Gary Cullen

  • nick-culley

    Nick Culley

  • beatrice-ducloud

    Beatrice Ducloud

  • adam-duffill

    Adam Duffill

  • rachel-dyer

    Rachel Dyer

  • tamas-feher

    Tamas Feher

  • tim-forster

    Tim Forster

  • jason-gaylard

    Jason Gaylard

  • alex-gillett

    Alex Gillett

  • robert-griffiths

    Robert Griffiths

  • sophie-haggett

    Sophie Haggett

  • deb-harris

    Deborah Harris

  • ian-hunt

    Ian Hunt

  • lindsay-illes

    Lindsay Iles

  • tim-irons

    Tim Irons

  • annie-jarman

    Annie Jarman

  • adrian-jones

    Adrian Jones

  • kathryn-chiswell-jones

    Kathryn Chiswell Jones

  • peter-kirk

    Peter Kirk

  • joe-knowles

    Joe Knowles

  • wolfgang-kucher

    Wolfgang Küchler

  • james-marr

    James Marr

  • kate-marrinan

    Kate Marrinan

  • paul-matthews

    Paul Matthews

  • stewart-mcdowall

    Stewart McDowall

  • andrew-millard

    Andrew Millard

  • ed-millward

    Edward Millward

  • maddie-negus

    Maddie Negus

  • joe-oksien

    Joe Oksien

  • jeremy-paull

    Jeremy Paull

  • juan-portela

    Juan Portela

  • hasan-sahin

    Hasan Sahin

  • yaron-salemon

    Yaron Salemon

  • katie-sapseed

    Katie Sapsed

  • ian-sherlock

    Ian Sherlock

  • rosa-simpson

    Rosa Simpson

  • peter-smithen

    Peter Smithen

  • ferenc-somogyvari

    Ferenc Somogyvari

  • steven-veale

    Steven Veale

  • tom-wall

    Tom Wall

  • emma-wan

    Emma Wan

  • naomi-cooper

    Naomi Waterman

  • ezra-watts

    Ezra Watts

  • perran-wells

    Perran Wells

  • stefan-wilson

    Stefan Wilson

  • phillip-wing

    Phillip Wing

  • kevin-wong

    Kevin Wong