Hayesfield Girls’ School

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Hayesfield is an all-girl secondary school with a co-educational sixth form, located in the Oldfield Park area of Bath. Looking to replace inadequate and deteriorating sports and performing arts facilities, the school commissioned an architectural competition for the provision of new facilities including a four court sports hall, gymnasium, multi gym, performing arts facilities a new refectory and auditorium.

The school grounds fall some 12m across the site and the design took advantage of this site topography by partially burying larger elements of the scheme in the hillside. This resulted in a scheme that cascades across the site, allowing wide ranging views of the city.

Hayesfield School is a unique facility which addresses its context and surroundings, both from an aesthetic perspective and in the wider community. A project which directly benefits the community, it represents an important case study for school design in its use of flexible, multifunctional spaces which harmonise with its surroundings.

The soil excavated from the hillside was used to level out the old dilapidated netball court to provide a new MUGA pitch. This innovative reuse of site materials resulted in minimal waste removal from site and fresh facilities worthy of a school with Olympian alumni.


Project specification

2008 - 2011
Project director
Chris Mitchell

Project results

The building is inspirational and allows for our students to study independently and indeed encourages them to stay at school well into the evening. It also means that the school is now at the heart of the Oldfield Park community as a resource for sport and leisure.

Erica Draisey, Headmistress, Hayesfield Girls’ School, Bath