Today our installation for the London Festival of Architecture went into Change Alley behind our London offices on Birchin Lane.

From tomorrow you are invited to join us and take a wander through Change in the Alley.

We have chosen Change Alley as the site of our installation for its role in shaping the city we see today. Despite its original purpose of little more than a cut through, Change Alley was to become the birthplace of the present day London Stock Exchange.


Change Alley has witnessed the changing London landscape and the working practices within the city; through the agricultural and industrial revolutions, to evolving office spaces and on to present day transient workspaces that have been born out of the era of telecommunications.

Whichever period of time you consider, workplaces do not simply exist: they are designed with purpose, adapting to the demands of the time.

In our 40th year AWW is pleased to participate in the London Festival of Architecture and celebrate work in progress.