On Friday 16th May AWW participated in Give and Gain Day where companies enable staff to swap their jobs for a day to volunteer within the local community. “I’m really pleased that the teams could join over 13,000 other business volunteers from 300 companies to show that they are really committed to their communities”. Kayleigh Blight, AWW.

AWW sent their team to a two site Community Gardening project in Eastville and Fishponds. The day aimed to enhance the community gardens by making it a nicer environment for users, reducing anti-social behaviour within the area. The day involved a lot of painting, drilling, digging and being taken out by the local wildlife! Both the current residents and the charoty which manages the schame were delighted with the scheme, and the staff at AWW were pleased to be given an opportunity to make a difference to the local community. One of the residents said: “I have already seen an improvement in people not parking on the landscaped areas now that they are tidy and protected, Thank you for making our street safer”.