From 2010, a European city has been selected each year as the European Green Capital of the Year. The award is given to the city which has a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards, and is committed to committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development.


Bristol is leading the way when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, which is being driven by a number of sustainability directives such as Bristol’s recent Core Strategy requiring a further 20% carbon emissions reduction from new developments through renewable technologies. This is testament to a city that is driven to respond to global issues in real and measurable ways.


AWW’s innovative approach to sustainability supports this approach by ensuring measurable benefits for project stakeholders are realised. Good sustainable design should result in well designed, efficient and healthy environments for people to live and work rather than being examples of ‘good intentions’ that ultimately fail to deliver any tangible benefits to the end user or indeed to the overarching aims of the City. We believe that sustainable buildings should also provide a number of measurable opportunities, demonstrating real levels of user satisfaction, coupled with positive and proven financial outcomes.


AWW has expertise in delivering imaginative design solutions that are robust and intuitive adding to Bristol’s vibrant cityscape, ensuring that sustainable design is not based solely on a theoretical ‘numbers game’ but is one that carefully considers suitability and affordability from the outset, delivering immediate and long-term benefits to the project stakeholders.


With a population of 441,300 (2011), Bristol is England’s sixth most populous city and has been making a significant contribution to reduce its contribution to climate change since 2000. Bristol has an ambitious green sustainable vision, with a variety of urban networks including NGOs, local businesses, academia and volunteers joining together to enhance and promote green growth.


We believe Bristol, who came second to Copenhagen for the 2014 award, is a great role model for green cities all over Europe, and we are supporting the bid to make Bristol win the 2015 title.