AWW has been appointed to design a 50,000 sq ft office building in Lagos. Plot 5A located on Abuja Street on the Banana Island foreshore estate offers significant opportunities to develop a high quality office building. The amount of undeveloped land that surrounds the building allows this scheme to dictate the design and quality of the surroundings.

The design of this building has been undertaken to create a speculative office building that exploits all of the opportunities available to the site; and to create a truly inspiring building. Throughout the building both vertically and horizontally we have provided steps in the building façade to help to add visual interest. Our design will set a high standard for development as the surrounding plots are developed.

David Perkin, the Director leading the bid said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to design the Banana Island office development. Our reputation for quality design and precision delivery is currently growing in Nigeria as we begin to contribute to the evolving Lagos cityscape. Our unique understanding of the Lagos climate and culture coupled with a flair for design will help develop a concept truly representative of the Client vision”.